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Charlestonian Investment Group is actively seeking to acquire multifamily properties. Our acquisition criteria are as follows: General Criteria:  -Potential High Yield Income Streams. -Various Cap rates depending on cash requirement, appreciation potential and property. Price range - generally $5,000,000 - $50,000,000 (Prices should average 20% below replacement cost). -Cash Equity - "All Cash" or "Cash to Existing Debt". -Value Add Opportunities sought Property Criteria: -Class "B" and "C" -Multifamily Residential Apartment Communities. -Minimum size - 100 plus apartment homes. -Age - open. -Utilities - individually metered preferred but not mandatory -Roofs - pitched construction preferred but not mandatory -Minimum Occupancy - 90%. Will consider lower occupancy on properties requiring renovation if the property is well located and is a value enhancement opportunity. 


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Charlestonian Investment Group, LLC was formed by Jerry Simmons as the Multifamily Acquisitions Subsidiary of Omni Development Corporation.  Over the past eight years this company has transitioned from purchasing small single-unit properties to large multi-unit properties in several emerging markets across the United States.  The company is headed by Jerry Simmons, president and CEO, who began his real estate investment career in 1982, while serving in the U.S. Navy. Charlestonian Investment Group has built its infrastructure to tackle the challenges of acquiring large multi-family deals through hiring experts in finance, economics, networking, valuation, asset management and due diligence. Today, Charlestonian Investment Group is currently investing in 3 different states across the nation and continues to penetrate emerging markets as they arise.  Charlestonian Investment Group welcomes new partnerships in Multifamily acquisitions, as well as new construction, Condo Conversion, Mixed Use and land development.